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What is this Bard business?

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A bard is a jack-of-all-trades. Their profession requires that they be skilled in almost every different trade imaginable including, but not demanding: singing, playing instruments, and fighting. They were also taught how to read and write, but more importantly they were taught the poetry and lore of the time. Bards were the keepers of lore and were expected to know by memory all the myths, legends, history, and even bloodlines of the land. A bard is a follower of the virtue compassion as they care a great deal about the lives and well being of others. Bards are often caught cheering up the dreary lives of poor and sick. Bards are usually very knowledgeable about the current events of the world because they travel all around it.

About me
I am a happy mom, fun loving and easy going. Happily married as well, living in a gorgeous house too in the east of the Netherlands. Proud mom of two kids, Kevin (8 years old) and Susannah (5 years old).
My Journal
I wrote foremost Silmarillion fan fiction, ratings and pairings do vary. All my writings are archived at my Writing LJ, go there for the fic.
This Bard's hang out spots
My works can be found at a few places: My writing LJ, Silmarillion Writers Guild (Silmarillion fiction). Artwork can be found at Deviant Art Archives with a selection of works: Stories of Arda, Wraithbait, Naice A Nilme (Aragorn & Arathorn fic), Ficwad and Lord of the Rings Fanfiction, Henneth Annûn Story Archive, Fanfiction.net, Adult Fanfiction.net & OSA.
Communities: beleriandbards(co-owned with binkaslibrary), house_of_feanor(co-owned with lavished) & a Mists of Avalon readers community forestofavalon(co-owned with trekqueen).
Why haven't you updated for a while? Have you stopped writing?
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Well, no I have not. I just don't have much time to write. That's all. This rollercoaster has not come to an end yet, so you will not see me around that much with new works, or reviews coming from me. I will try... You might encounter me as I work behind the scenes of an archive.

Of course it does make sense that someone with two children that young (and one with speech/language impairment and autism) doesn't have much time to write (unless you get me more hours in a day). Rest assured, I am still active as in my role as administrator or moderator at Q&I, MPTT and the SWG.
Can I friend you still then?

I am easy, comment and I add you. Nothing less, nothing more.

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My favourity quote
From "The Ten Thousand" by Michael Curtis Ford.
The agony of hatred, the ecstasy of love. Trite notions, easily separable into their distinct, almost opposite compound parts, sung of by poets and wept at by lovers from time immemorial and undoubtedly for a hundred generations to come. The ecstasy of hatred, the agony of love. A no-less-common state of affairs, though comprehend by fewer numbers, perhaps only the Clearchuses among us: the impetus behind the movers of the world, the creators of killers and bestirrers of humanity. Again, they are sentiments easily divided into their dentifiable and perfectly contrasting elements, like gold so assayed by fired as to congeal into pure, glistening droplets, distinguishing itself from the surrounding slag.

Pain, denial, triumph, tears, passion, revenge, betrayal, rapture. To which condition do we ascribe their emotions and motivations, to hatred, or to love? The admixture becomes more dense, more difficult to define, and the two seem to meld seamlessly into each other. Although the two perfect, unalloyed extremes may be easily distinguished, and unskilled poets and petty philosophers will make much of their superficial ability to do so, the twilight region between the two, that murky area that incorporates irreducible elements of both, or perhaps of the third component newly created by the commingling of the others, is much less easily described.

Are war and hatred always evil, and love always sublime? There are good men who could, if they wished, live in peace but who choose instead to fight; who could derive joy from lavishing riches on their beloved, but instead spend their wealth on warfare, toiling under the command of Ares rather than of Aphrodite, and even putting the former in service of the latter. Such is the complexity of humanity, which at times confound even the gods, and ultimately prevents them from being mere celestial puppeteers, from representing the earth as a malleable stage set. The world, in which men live and act, although not totally inexplicable, is not completely rational either. Reason and folly, the foreseen and the unexpected, madness and calm exist side by side, not only between two individuals but within the same person as well, all to different degrees. The contradictions of life, the simultaneous sorrow and relief at parting, the destruction inherent in the creation itself, all these befuddle the mind, as well as illumine it. In my memoir thus far I have written of war and love as two separate entities, unrelated to each other, perhaps even in direct defiance of each other, one the sickness and the other the cure, each pushing and struggling like wrestlers for whom the dusty ring holds room for only one champion, It is time to move beyond such shallow poesy, for this is not life, nor is it my story.
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